10 Tips for Travelling Mums

Being a travelling Mum on the road means you wear many hats including organiser, planner, tour guide, chef and teacher all at once. Think your man is ready to help? Think again! Ten tips to keep a traveling Mum sane!

1. Forget the every day shower motto, once every few days is setting realistic goals. A packet of wipes will become your new body wash! A swim in a river, stream or lake makes a nice refreshing change from wipes.

2. Learn to live with sand and dirt … there is soooo much of it and it will end up everywhere no matter how careful you are! Including your bed sheets … hence the wipes!

3. Expect your significant other to UNGROW! If you thought he was a big child before travelling wait until you hit the road! Have visions of extensive bonding and lots of help?? HA! Although he’ll come in super handy if you get bogged, come across wild animals, replacing bits on the car/camper/caravan/tent, and finding out useless (admittedly sometimes useful) information about the road ahead from all the other “men-children” also travelling.

4. Forget about buying hair products, nothing will make your hair look as clean, freshly cut or as neat as it was before travelling. Hats hide it all anyway and help to stop getting cooked on yet another hike somewhere.

5. Shoes? What shoes? Visiting a shoe shop is only teasing yourself! Thongs are the go-to footwear for travel … cheap, easily replaced at any servo, supermarket or $2 shop anywhere and also useful for swatting flies/ants/bugs.

6. Wear it more than once, shake it and wipe off the dirty marks. You almost need to win lotto to pay for washing machines regularly. Looking clean-ish IS good enough for all but the poshest of restaurants

7. A happy day out is managing to find clean-ish clothing for every family member, brush everyone’s hair and place everyone’s feet in thongs … all at the same time! An near impossible mission sometimes. It helps to have the clothes, brushes, wipes and spare thongs for each family member pre-prepared and stowed in the car somewhere.

8. Expect to be the organiser, planner, tour guide, chef and teacher all at once. Try not to rely on your “man-child” too much, he’s just re-discovered his childhood love of sticks … and rocks … and climbing … and fire … and … and …

9. Talk to other travelling mums! This will be your only chance at an adult conversation … as your man has just discovered he’s 6 again, he’s surrounded by big boys toys, F-trucks, tinnies, motor bikes, boats, solar powered gadgets, fishing, surfing and off road everything!

10. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back … right after you shake some clothing clean, wipe the kids, teach the kids and yell repetitively at “him” to help … only to realise you’re yelling at thin air, because he’s talking to the neighbour about his F-truck filled with motor bikes!

Would I do anything differently? Haha no way x

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