Top ten things to pack for holiday

Top Ten Things to Pack for Holidays

Here’s our top ten must have things to pack for holidays. Depending on your destination and experiences the things that you’ll need to pack will vary drastically. However, there are some things that nobody should leave home without! So grab a pen and make a note of these top ten things you’ll want to take when heading out the door for all holiday destinations or experiences.

Travel and pack like a pro! Here’s our list of must have travel items.

Moment Freezer

First up is the most important thing of all … It’s a ‘moment freezer’ or better known as the trusty camera. What’s a holiday experience without taking a few happy snaps? If you prefer to use your phone to take pics use that instead. It’s also a good idea to have a way of backing up your amazing photos, like organising and familiarising yourself with a free cloud storage account before you leave.

Long Cord Phone Chargers

Aggghhh …. There’s absolutely nothing worse than arriving at the airport and discovering your phone needs a charge. Never fear our airport interior designers are bright sparks and they’ve thought of everything, including phone charge points … Charge up for Free! The only thing is if there’s a few people charging their devices at the same time you’ll need a long charger to reach the plug. So, it turns out there’s something worse than discovering your phone needs a charge at an airport, it’s discovering your cord won’t reach the phone plug! Save yourself and grab a long phone cord before heading off.

Face Wipes

It’s an oldie but a goldie! Wipes come in super useful for the moments you need a little cleanliness or refresh. Throw these into your carry on luggage, it’s a life saver.


Headaches, something we all get from time to time and a bit of jet lag is bound to bring on a bit of a headache. Never fear ‘Captain Peppermint’ is here! Saving the day and saving a headache. Simply rub the little stick over your temples to relieve the beginnings of a nasty headache. Never Fear Captain Peppermint is here!

Something Turkish

Invest in a Turkish bath towel, these towels are super cool and light to carry. Roll a Turkish bath towel. into a little ball and pack it into the smallest part of your luggage. Most places will supply towels if you’re staying in self contained accommodation, resorts or motels, however it’s always handy to have your own light weight, quick drying towel to take to the beach, the pool or swimming holes.

Grundie Undies

Ok, so here’s a tip on what not to pack … Too much clothing. You’ve heard it a thousand times before and here’s one more time you’ll hear it again, just like a broken record. Only pack just enough sensible clothing, along with some bathers, a jumper and of course enough spare underwear for every single day. Never scrimp out on the undies! Wearing undies inside out and backwards definitely does not count as ‘fresh underwear’. It’s also a good idea to carry one set of undergarments on your carry on and day trip bag, just in case your suitcase is misplaced by the airport and arrives later than you do.

One Pair of Shoes Will Do

Shoes are heavy, bulky and awkward items to carry in suitcases. Chances are you’ll only have two feet and therefore you’ll only ever be wearing two shoes, one set. So, unless you’re travelling for sport or you’re a super model who carries her own heels, you’ll most likely only need one pair of super comfortable shoes. Wear your favourite pair of versatile shoes onto the plane and leave the rest at home, meaning your suitcase has plenty of space left free for purchases while on holiday.

I’ve Got The Power

Adaptors are a must have item if travelling internationally. Save yourself some cash and order any needed adaptors online before you head off on a holiday. Don’t forget to unplug any chargers from of your home wall socket and pack them into your luggage before you walk out the door, grabbing the device and forgetting the charger is an all too common mishap. Don’t forget to pack all adaptors, chargers and cords.


Nope, not the illegal type, the medication type. It’s actually very common for people to forget to pack their medication or to presume that where they are going will have the means to fill a script accordingly. It’s a much better idea to go prepared and take all the medication you’ll need along for the ride. Some medications need to be declared at the airport, check with the airlines and make sure before hand.

Noise Stoppers

Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, shiny ones and wireless ones … Whatever your style, pack a comfortable set of headphones for all the moments in between excitement that you might like to spend watching a movie, laughing at Youtube or playing games. As much as we all like to share and connect with others comfortable noise stoppers will save the day for you and everyone around you.

One Last Tip For The Road …. It’s All In The Paperwork

Lastly don’t forget to pack the most important things to travel with. Here’s a list of things to print out and take with you on your holiday.

  • Travel documents
  • Printed copy of any pre-booked tickets including airline boarding passes and tickets.
  • Printed copy of any pre-booked tours,
  • Passports
  • Other forms of Identification such as a drivers license
  • Visa documents.
  • Travel Insurances membership number and contact details.
  • Health cover membership number and contact details.
  • Travel Money and credit cards.
  • A hard copy list of emergency phone numbers and passwords that your phone or ipad contains. Just in case you can’t gain access to your device and need to contact someone or log into a bank account. Grab yourself a little address book and keep it seperate from your day bag.

Holidays are Made For Fun

Fear of forgetting? Not to worry, most places people travel to on holiday are near a town or city. If you simply forget something most things can be picked up at your destination or along the way. The most important thing to remember is to pack a sense of adventure and an enthusiasm for living, everything else is just a matter of convenience.

Safe Travels! 😉