Life’s Riches are Awaiting

Life’s rich and it’s available to us all for the taking… Sometimes the richest things in life are the easiest to do, like simply looking up at the stars, taking a walk in a nice place, siping a hot chocolate from a favourite mug or hearing the laughter of your kids playing.

In our busy world we are often forgetting to unplug, even just for a few moments, to enjoy some of life’s riches. Here’s a few of our hot tips we use for simple, easy and effective mind health.

Don’t Bank Time, Take Time

  1. Take five. Go for a walk to the window, stretch, do whatever it takes for a few minutes of mind rest.
  2. Book a holiday. Of course, after all you’re on a travel website, so naturally booking a holiday is up there.
  3. Dance like a crazy person…. Even if it’s only in your mind, dancing like a crazy person feels amazing.
  4. Laugh, even when you don’t feel like laughing.
  5. Connect… With people, that is, not devices. Take a few moments to talk to someone close by and really connect.
  6. Be silly…. Child like behaviour is so immature, yet so much fun!
  7. Skip… Sometimes in public, on your own. Yep, weird right? But no one is really watching so go nuts and skip a little.
  8. Talk to a stranger. After all we’re all just people, right? Talking to a strange can brighten up someone else’s day too.
  9. Did we mention book a holiday? Yep… Ok, well did we mention that people who book holidays are happier than people who don’t have a holiday planned? True fact… My dog told me, so it must be true. Well might not be true but it’s worth a go.
  10. Trade in your possessions and money for some of life’s actual riches… Time spent enjoying experiences and making memories. At the very end you’ll have some stories to tell, friends from all over the place and fond moments spent with loved ones. Doesn’t that sound better than a shiny new car that’s going to be old and devalued within a few years?

What’s your mind health go to?