Broome and Kimberley Astronomy Tours

Kimberley Astronomy – Discover the night Sky

The Kimberley offers some of the best Astronomy holidays in the world. For the casual observer to the keen astronomer there’s a milky way night sky just waiting to be seen.

The low light pollution and vast open sky offers the perfect opportunity for a stunning night out under the stars. Photographers, astronomers and hobbyists are increasingly booking holidays to the north of Australia to capture meteor shower events, planet encounters and luna eclipses.

Every Kimberley night of the year offers something different to see and no two nights are ever the same. However one of the best times to visit the north for astronomy trips is during the dry season (from March to September) when the sky is free from storm clouds during the build up season.

Be sure to check out Sitech’s website to check on a regular update explaining what to expect  each day of the year in Western Australia. ‘The Sky Tonight’ article by Sictech offers a great starting point when discovering what to look for among the stars.

Stargazing Tours in the Kimberley

Broome’s Astronomy Experience is conducted by the famous Greg Quicke. Greg was nicknamed ‘Space Gandalf‘ and is known for his appearances with Professor Brian Cox and Julia Zemiro on ‘Stargazing Live’ – ABC Network.

Greg’s tour is located in Broome, Western Australia and offers an experience for all ages, the old, the young and for families. The 2-hour educational tour includes the use of large telescopes and lasers. Join Greg on this highly entertaining stargazing experience if you have an interest in astronomy. The night is a fun way to learn more about the sky that we live under.

Astrophotography – Stars for the Photographers

There’s an art and skill level required for taking photos of the night sky and the Kimberley turns on a show for the talented and novice Astronomy Photographer. With stunning landscapes, wide open spaces, empty beaches, rugged red gorges and plenty of remote places to camp, it’s no surprise that award winning photographs are taken in the Kimberley.

Even for those that may not have the best gear or skills the Kimberley landscape and night sky is the ideal location to start. The clear nights are some of the best in the world. So grab yourself a camera, a tent and book a tour, head out into the dark on a once in a lifetime experience under the stars.

Astronomy Photography Tips

The whole of the Kimberley is rather remote and you don’t necessarily need to head off into the unknown to get a great image, somewhere like Cable Beach is remote enough to get a fantastic shot and your don’t need a 4WD to get there.

Check out the following sites for tips on taking images of the dark night sky in the Kimberley region.

Hemma Maps article by Matt Williams offers some handy tips for beginners advanced astrophotographers.

Perth Girl website has some detailed tips on capturing images in the night sky in Western Australia.

Why Astronomy in the Kimberley?

The Kimberley region is 423,517 km² with around a total of only 50,000 people. There’s only a hand full small towns in the Kimberley including Broome, Kununurra, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek. Basically there’s a huge amount of space with a small amount of people creating minimal light pollution. Simply the Kimberley night sky is an ideal location for astronomy holidays.

Book yourself a unique experience and discover the best milky way starry nights in the world.