12 West Oz Road Trips and Day Trips

The Road Less Travelled

What  type of roads would you like to take? The grandfathers of time roads, the wild & free roads, the sandy salty & surfy roads or the brave & true roads? Discover some of the roads that are a little harder to find, tucked away from the main thoroughfares but worth the extra mile to see. You’ll be handsomely rewarded for your efforts on roads less travelled in Western Australia.

The Sandy, Salty & Surfy

Sandy, salty and preoccupied by the waves, these roads lead to one destination, the beach. Offering views of coastlines with surf spots, fishing points and succeeded beaches to explore. Take off on a sandy, salty venture, pop the car window down and let the breeze fill your hair, crank the tunes and pack the boards, these roads are fun, warm and inviting.

Here’s some ideas for travelling a sandy, salty & surfy road.

City to Pinnicales Discovery

Departing: Perth | Destination: Cervantes | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 2 h 13 min (198 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Cape Range to Ningaloo Reef Drive

Departing: Exmouth (distance from Perth 1,247 km)| Destination: Yardie Creek | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 42 min (55 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Concealed Bays and the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse Way

Departing: Dunsborough (distance from Perth 250 km) | Destination: Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 13 min (12.1 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

The Grandfathers Of Time

This road understands a little more of how the world works, he’s the grandfather of all the roads, sitting back and enjoying the quieter moments in life. Along the journey expect fields of seasonal spring wildflowers or hills of golden wheat brushing the roads edges. Old farm ruins and pioneer towns laced in history provide evidence of the roads maturity and reliability.

Here’s some ideas for travelling a grandfathers of time road.

The Wildflower Way

Departing: Perth | Destination: Toodyay | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 1 h 15 min (89 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Weatfields and Pioneer Discovery Drive

Departing: Perth | Destination: York | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 1 h 23 min (100 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Geraldton Ship Wreaks to Australia’s only Monastic Town

Departing: Geraldton (distance from Perth 415 km) | Destination: New Norcia | Duration: 2 Days | Distance: 3 h 28 min (335 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

The Brave & True

A road full of courageous behaviour, offering an adventure and comradeship. With a flare for the extreme and different, sure to astound with sights that can’t be found any where else in Australia. These roads are often hard to get to, most will require a kitted out 4 wheel drive, safety equipment, camping gear and enough food and water to last the trip. Take a walk on the wild side with our brave and true tracks in Western Australia.

Here’s some ideas for travelling a brave & true road.

The Gibb River Road

Departing: Broome (distance from Perth 2,241 km) | Destination: Kununurra via The Gibb River Road | Duration: One to Two Weeks | Distance: 660 km | Difficulty: 4WD, off road.

The Canning Stock Route

Departing: Wiluna (distance from Perth 1,127 km) | Destination: Halls Creek | Duration: One to Two Weeks | Distance: 1,533 km | Difficulty: 4WD, off road.

Esperance to Cape Arid National Park

Departing: Esperance (distance from Perth 714 km) | Destination: Cape Arid National Park | Duration: One to Three Weeks | Distance: 167.8 km | Difficulty: 4WD, off road.

The Wild & Free

A wild and free road full of mystic and wonder, these roads are playful, hiding themselves among tall towering Karri, Marri and Jarrah tress, overhanging canopies and windy bends. There’s plenty to discover, from limestone caves, hiking tracks and ancient forrest. Travel along roads full of Western Australian’s wildlife, from nighttime prowlers to day time wonders.

Here’s some ideas for travelling a wild & free road.

Bibbulmun Track and Black Diamond Lake Discovery

Departing: Perth | Destination: Collie | Duration: Day Trip | Distance:: 2 h 6 min (201 km)| Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Walpole, the Valley of the Giants and the Denmark River Drive

Departing: Walpole (distance from Perth 417 km) | Destination: Denmark | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 59 min (74 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Yallingup, Caves, Wineries and Augusta Day Trip

Departing: Yallingup (distance from Perth 258 km) | Destination: Augusta | Duration: Day Trip | Distance: 1 h 4 min (81.8 km) | Difficulty: 2WD, on road.

Safe Travels

Please check all destinations, distances, road conditions and facilities including water and fuel supplies before heading out on any WA road trip for your own safety. Some of the above roads are remote and require planning. Also allow extra fuel for exploring places off on side roads.

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