Broome in 5 Days

5 Days in Broome Itinerary

Like to see the best of Broome in the Kimberley in Western Australia in 5 days or less? We will list out a full five day itinerary packed full of the best things to see and do in Broome and the surrounding area, including a day on the Gibb and a day spent exploring Cape Leveque and the Dampier Peninsula. Time to get your suitcase ready, while we take you through what to expect on your once in a lifetime holiday trip to the Kimberley!

Broome Holiday Guide

Day 1: A Day Out & About
Day 2: A Taste of the Gibb
Day 3: Pearls Art & History
Day 4: A Day of Living Things
Day 5: Book the Horizontal Falls

Day One: A Day Out & About

Weeee… Touch down! The plane swings into the Broome International Airport. The air is warm as it hits your face and the tiny open air airport will be filled with locals, whom you’ll notice have a chill Broome Time vibe. Time to collect your bags, pick up your hire car, check into your accommodation and head out for a bit of exploring.

Check Out Cables Beach

The first place to visit is the iconic white sands of Cable Beach which stretch for 22kms. The milky water is inviting and beckons most in for a salty swim in the soft, rolling waves. Lifeguards can be found with their flags in full displace between April to October.

If grabbing a bite to eat is more your style, head into one of the local cafes or restaurants, two of the most popular spots to grab a cool drink is either Zanders or Cable Beach Club, both restaurants overlook Cable Beach.

Head back to Cable Beach in the late afternoon for a West Australian sunset. The warm golden sun rays colour the exposed wet sand creating brilliantly bright reflections during a low tide.

Broome Museum

Don’t let the small building size deceive you! Although the outside of the museum looks a little on the small side compared to larger city museums it still packs in heaps. there’s also a few buildings out the back including a shell museum and old pearling shed. Be sure to leave plenty of time to spend exploring and reading as Broome’s history is rather unique and worth discovering.

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm | Sunday 10am to 1pm
Address: 67 Robinson St, Broome WA 6725
Time: Allow around 2 hours to explore the museum.

Photo Opportunity

North of the rocks three Camel train tours take people on lazy walks along the beach. The camels can be spotted making their way down to the beach and back home again in the afternoon. The trains make for a fantastic photo opportunity. A sinking West Aussie sunset, a clear blue sky, the beach in the backdrop and camels dressed in either blue, red or yellow, what more could you want?

Did You Know?

Cable Beach was named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889.

Daily Hot Tip

Broome has large tides, in fact some of the largest in Australia reaching over 10 meters! if you place things on the sand while heading in for a swim be sure to keep a watch on the waters edge. Many people have had their phones, keys and belongs washed underwater. Some people have even lost their cars to large tides while beach driving.

Day Two: Taste of the Gibb River Road

Book yourself on the Kimberley Wild Tunnel Creek day tour along the Gibb River Road. Visit the Derby Prison Tree and seek out freshwater crocodiles at Windjana Gorge before heading off to explore the ancient Tunnel Creek cave. Spend some time swimming in a waterhole and eating lunch before heading back to Broome.

This full day of adventure is a full day of activities and exploring. Travel by 4WD coach and let your guide sho you some of the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley.

Photo Opportunity

There’s a spot in Tunnel Creek where the roof has collapsed and allows beams of sunlight to filter though. This spot makes for a nice photo shot.

Did You Know?

Tunnel Creek is Western Australia’s oldest cave system! It was formed during the Devonian period 350 – 375 million years ago! At least five species of bats live in the cave, along with fresh water crocs.

Daily Hot Tip

Wear shoes that are comfortable and can get wet as the 750meter long cave system has water in it most of the year round.

Day Three: Pearls, Art & History

A trip to Broome must include pearls, art and history! After all the town is made up of cultural stories and the ghosts of old pearlers, creating a colourful and unique history. Today the history of the area is often showcased in the art produced.

Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour

This tour will pick you up and take on an exciting drive out of Broome, along a dirt road and to a remote pearl farm, however it’s only 38kms north of Broome! Discover Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl from shell to showroom, this award winning tour showcases the process of modern cultured pearl farming, harvest a pearl, cruise Willie creek, spot a wild croc or two and grab some lunch at the Cafe. Morning or afternoon tea is included.

Open Hours: Everyday 9am to 5pm during the dry season
Address: Willie Creek Rd, Broome WA 6725
Time: Allow five hours

Art Shopping

Broome has a number of art galleries and shops to explore. Each gallery has something different to offer. Authentic Indigenous Artworks can be purchased from Kimberley Authentic Art, who can sometimes be found at the Broome Courthouse Markets on a Saturday morning. Here’s a list of a few art shops in Broome.

Time: Allow a few hours to explore the art shops and galleries.

Moonie’s Art Studio/Gallery

Open Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am to 3pm
Address: Shop TA21, Broome Rd, Broome WA 6725

The Rock Pool

Open Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm | Saturday to Sunday 9.30am to 2.30pm
Address: Shop TA21, Broome Rd, Broome WA 6725

Short St Gallery

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 3pm | Sunday Closed
Address: 7 Short St, Broome WA 6725

Black Stump Gallery

Open Hours: Everyday 10am to 5pm
Address: 42 Carnarvon Street, Broome WA

Broome Gallery

Open Hours: Weekdays 9am to 5pm | Weekends 9.30am to 2pm
Address: 1/23 Carnarvon St, Broome WA 6725

Gallery Sobrane

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm | Sunday 9am to 3pm
Address: 48 Carnarvon St, Broome WA 6725

Suzy French Art

Open Hours: Thursday, Friday and Sunday 10am to 2pm
Address: 1 Gill Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726

Streeters Jetty

Take a walk back in time along the Streeters Jetty. built for the pearling luggers in the late 1890s. Look closely at the mangrove leaves for crabs, Butterflies and other animals escaping the warm sumner sun and high tides.

Time: Allow between ten and twenty minutes to explore the Jetty.

A Wander Around China Town

Broome town centre is known as ‘China Town’, a hangover from the pearling era when Chinese food stores, opium dens and gambling houses the streets. Today the town has been rebuilt to suit a modern time, however if you look closely you can spot parts of the old that hang on. Explore Johnny Chia lane, where history signs have images and information about old Broome. Johnny Chia Lane has art shops, cafes and clothing shops. The two main streets of Broome has history plagues embedded into the pavement with dates and history information.

Time: Allow between half an hour and two hours to explore the main streets of Broome.


Get ready to see Broome’s lookout… Although not a very tall lookout, the platform offers sweeping views of Roebuck Bay. Situated on a significant cultural site the lookout celebrates the Yawuru culture and was a designed by both the traditional owners and the local high school. Interpretive information and artwork has been added to the design.

Time: Allow around 15 minutes.

Town Beach

Town beach offers a nice spot for a dip on high tide, The milky green water and lush green lawn with shady trees is a nice place for a picnic lunch or to chill awhile. There’s toilets, a playground, boat ramp, pioneer cemetery and picnic tables. Kick off your shoes and relax under the trees.

Time: Allow around 15minutes to see the pioneer cemetery.

Sun Pictures Open Air Cinema

Finish off the day wiht a movie under the stars at Sun Pictures. The open air cinema is the world’s oldest picture gardens, built by the Yamasaki family and opened in 1903 as an imported wares building. In 1913 Ted Hunter purchased the land and turned it into an outdoor movie theatre, in 1916 the doors officially opened. The sun pictures has seen tidal floods, war time, been in movies sets, broken a world record and at one point was even rumoured as being the site of a brothel. Although Sun Pictures is steeped in history, it has kept up with modern times and shows new release movies under the stars. Step back in time and visit one of Australia’s most historic buildings.

Address: 27 Carnarvon St, Broome WA 6725

Photo Opportunity

Streeters Jetty is an ideal location for a quick snap. The mangroves bush the shores of Dampier Creek, creating a cool dark environment for mud crabs and fish at high tide. On a very high tide the jetty will be underwater!

Did You Know?

Town beach has the pioneer cemetery that overlooking Roebuck bay. Take a wonder around to discover some of Broome’s earliest residents. During WWII Broome was bombed! Flying plane wreaks can be seen and even walked to on a low tide. Sadly at least 88 people lost their lives from the bombing raid. A plaque is located at town beach.

Daily Hot Tip

The Broome night markets are on during the dry season at town beach, often coinciding with the staircase to the moon. The staircase to the moon can be seen from town beach when a full moon is rising over the mud flats at low tide. The courthouse markets are on Saturday morning all year round and both Saturday and Sunday morning during the dry season. Check here for Broome night markets and the Courthouse markets dates and times.

Day Four: A day of Living Things

Today will see you interacting with some friendly and some not so friendly wildlife in all sorts of environments.

Juicy Mangos at the Mango Place

Visit the Mango Place just out of Broome to taste some mango foods, mango wine and try some mango cosmetics. Sit under the shady mango trees to enjoy some freshly cooked mango pizza. Mongo products can be purchased from the small shop onsite and wine tasting is available.

Open Hours: Everyday 10am to 4pm during the dry season
Address: Lot 4, 12 mile/120 Kanagae Dr, Broome WA 6725
Time: Allow about an hour.

Beautiful Birds at 12 Mile Bird Park

Take a walk around the 5 acres at the 12 Mile Bird Park. With over 600 birds, 80 different species and 93 aviaries the 12 Mile Bird Park makes for an entertaining adventure. Take a walk along the walk trail, where seats are located to watch the birds. All ages can enjoy some time spent at the bird park.

Open Hours: Everyday 10am to 4pm during the dry season
Address: 24 Yamashita Street, 12 Mile, Broome WA 6725
Time: Allow about an hour.

Crunchy Crocs at the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile and Wilderness Park

The Broome Crocodile & Wildlife Park Feeding and Rogue Croc Alley Tour gets you up close and personal with some extremely huge and scary animals! Prepare to jump when a pair of massive jaws cracks down on lunch only meters from where you’re standing. The Malcolm Douglas Crocodile and Wilderness Park has over 2,500 crocodiles! this educational and amusing tour is for all ages.

Open Hours: Everyday 9am to 5pm during the dry season
Address: Willie Creek Rd, Broome WA 6725
Time: Allow five hours

Photo Opportunity

There’s plenty of photo opportunities when seeing wildlife but one of the most memorable pics would be beside a large croc! Click like crazy as the crocs jump for their food during feeding time at the Croc park, line the camera up just right and it might give the illusion that like a croc is about to bite down on something or someone, Eek!

Did You Know?

Did you know that fossil evidence suggests the mango tree is around 25 to 30 million years old? Mangos were originally found in northeast India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. History suggests that by the 1800s, mangos spread to Australia.

Daily Hot Tip

Day Five: Book the Horizontal Falls

Escape the beaches of Broome and head deep into the Kimberley on the Horizontal Falls tour. This absolutely thrilling once in a lifetime trip will stay in your memory banks forever! A full day tour also showcases some of Cape Leveque, including the Beagle Bay Church, famous for the amazing pearl shell altar.

Get ready to go on this mammoth full day tour, leaving Broome via a custom-built 4WD tour bus, head up Cape Leveque, seeing the church along the way, then onto the aquaculture hatchery. Leaving Cygnet Bay via seaplane fly across the Buccaneer Archipelago to Talbot Bay for an exhilarating sea landing! From here jet through the Horizontal falls on the 900hp fast boat. After one of the most remote and exciting rides ever settle in for a bite to eat, feed friendly fish before heading back to Broome via seaplane for a scenic flight.

This full day of activities is a must to do while visiting Broome. The region around Broome offers a completely different landscape and is a trip not to to be missed.

Time: Allow a full day for the Horizontal Falls tour.

Photo Opportunity

This whole day will have you wanting to pull the camera out every two seconds. One of the best spots for a pic is while you fly through the Horizontal falls on the 900hp fast boat The expressions of excitement is sure to be filling the camera lens.

Did You Know?

David Attenborough described the Horizontal Falls as “Australia’s most unusual natural wonder”? In fact the natural phenomenon isn;t a waterfall at all, but a gorge carved out of the landscape by huge and powerful tides.

Daily Hot Tip

Book the Horizontal Falls when the tide is just right. A tide that is too large can be dangerous and often tours won’t run during this time, also a smaller tide might not be as spectacular, it’s a good idea check the tides before booking.

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On the lookout! Millie searches the horizon for the telltale plume of spray from distant whales. We recently spent a fantastic afternoon whale watching with @broomewhalewatching ???????????? It's the end of the #whalewatching season up here in #Broome, however we spotted mother humpbacks and their calves, as well as several large males. The stunningly blue ocean was calm and we had a slight breeze to keep us cool as we headed out from Gantheaume Point. The first whale sighting was only moments after departure. Skipper Cameron and the crew were very knowledgable and clearly passionate about these magnificent wonders of the ocean, as well as the Kimberley waters they migrate through each year. The kids loved seeing the whales up close, however were totally blown away when they started hearing one vocal male singing over and over below the boat, with the sound vibrating and resonating up through the hull. Their delight magnified tenfold once Cam dropped a hydrophone overboard, and the song intensified through the onboard speaker system! Awesome!! Light (and tasty) refreshments were served regularly throughout the afternoon, which everyone appreciated. After interacting with nearly a dozen whales, and with the sun low on the horizon, we slowly cruised back to Gantheaume Point, arriving just after a spectacular red and gold sunset, and as the purples and dark blues of twilight took hold. If you are travelling through Broome between July and October, you really should book a tour with Broome Whale Watching … it really is an awesome experience in one of the most spectacular regions of Western Australia!

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Saying Goodbye

Time for one last swim? Dive into the water and let the salt cling to your now ‘Pindan’ dyed skin. Allow the last few days of exploring to fill your senses, reflect and breath deep. Everyone who visits the Kimberley leaves with a little part kept in their souls forever, it’s that part that will yearn for the rugged landscapes, enormous remote waterfalls, the empty white sandy beaches and warm sunshine rays. So until next time the Kimberley is calling, safe travels.